Best 70cc Dirt Bike Reviews

Every kid’s dream, and an adult’s too, is to own a 70cc dirt bike. What is cool about these bikes is that they are powerful enough to take your child’s riding experience to the next level but they aren’t too fast that they find it difficult, overwhelming or unsafe.

There are loads of decent 70cc dirt bike options to choose from, from mini to mid-size and they range across various speeds to suit the rider’s experience, confidence levels and preferred safety features.

The 70cc gas powered bikes are slightly faster than their 50cc cousins but are definitely slower than the bikes you see on professional circuits and in tournaments.

What we like about the 70cc is that it is somewhere in between the two; it isn’t too boring or slow for younger riders wanting to push themselves that little bit further while still getting the hang of things and it isn’t so fast that they feel as if they have no control when riding.

No matter how old your child is, any parent will worry about the speed of the bike, and that is an absolutely normal concern, and to be honest determining the actual speed of the bike isn’t that easy because it depends on various factors like the engine type, the body type, the size and the shape of the bike, but we do know that on average a 70cc can travel anywhere from 45 miles per hour up to about 50mph.

There are slower models available too, depending on what you and your child feel comfortable with.

What is important if you are looking for a 70cc dirt bike is to pay more attention to how your child feels sitting on it, the quality and the workmanship as these will determine how the bike rides, the performance and the durability; rather than looking at the speed, the specs and even the aesthetics of the bike.

Something else to consider when shopping for a dirt bike is the preferred riding style of the person getting the bike.

Each riding style or type of bike has different gears, different safety feature, no matter how slight, and having the wrong bike could result in an unpleasant ride, panic and possible injury.

A track dirt bike doesn’t need top extreme speeds and they have lower gears; these are good for better acceleration.

Important to keep in mind is they don’t’ have the instrumentation that a trail or dual sport bike needs because you’re not really going to be indicating as you go into a tight corner.

A trail bike on the other hand is good on gravel roads and is pretty quick. They have basic instrumentation and some might have warning lights.

The last type is a dual sport bike; street legal and made for all types of riding, it can maintain good speeds and has all the instrumentation a street bike needs.

If you’re thinking of buying a 70cc dirt bike for you and your child to share give careful thought to the weight capacity rather than the manufacturers’ recommended ages.

Although some dirt bikes are clearly too small for an adult, there are that can handle an adult’s weight even though the bike is recommended for children.

The problem with buying a dirt bike especially for a teen or tween is that they will outgrow it pretty quickly and you’ll be looking for another bike in a few months.

Kids have growth spurts round about 6 years and up, and if you’re upgrading from a 50cc then it goes without saying the 70cc is the best option.

They’re made with the correct speeds in mind and have the safety features a younger rider needs when just starting out or still finding their feet.

So here you go, here’s our top two 70cc dirt bike picks. These are both popular choices and we highly recommend both.

red 70cc dirt bike

Dirt bike 70cc Semi-Automatic


If you’re purely after speed then you need to skip the Coolster 70cc. It isn’t the fastest bike but definitely makes up for it with its power and acceleration.

The dirt bike has a few notable safety features, which include dual inverted hydraulic front and rear shock suspensions, larger tires and large dis brakes that help with quick stops and smooth slow-downs.

The semi-automatic is an easy kick-start and there’s a handy kill switch conveniently situated on the handlebars.

This will help your child from a confidence perspective, should he or she feel in trouble or panic. The engine is built with Honda technology in mind, for heightened performance and you know you’re getting a good quality product with excellent after care and customer service.

Features and Specs:

  • 70cc air-cooled engine
  • Honda technology
  • Additional safety features including kill switch and kick start mechanisms

small 70cc dirt bike

MM-B80 Youth Mini 70cc Dirt Bike


At first sight you might wonder why the Monster Moto MM-B80 is on this list when it’s technically an 80cc or a 79.5cc if we’re being very specific, but it tops a much lower speed of 23 miles per hour than a lot of 70cc dirt bikes.

It comes in at an excellent price and with its 2 .5 horsepower, oversized tires and a twist and go throttle, it’s a safe-bet and ride for less experienced riders.

With its Mad Max look and feel the MM-B80 is a solid bike with rear disc brakes for added safety and a large almost oversized seat for an extra comfortable ride.

It also has a fully automatic transmission and dent-free fenders for those incidental crashes. As far as 70cc dirt bikes go the Monster B80 is a great option for parents watching their budget or if their child is just getting into the sport. It’s a bike that’s well made and solid, and with all the right safety features.


  • Almost assembled
  • Weight capacity maximum 150 pounds.
  • Top speed is around 23 miles p/h
  • Overhead-Valve (OHV) engine, with handlebars that can adjust and excellent grip tires
  • Bike has a lot of safety features for peace of mind

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