Best Electric Dirt Bike For Adults Review

When electric dirt bike for adults first arrived on the scene people called them fads and said they wouldn’t be around very long; the novelty would wear off and they would disappear.

What happened instead is that technology stepped in and made these bikes more poplar than ever.

Over time a whole lot of e-dirt bike manufacturers have come onto the scene, and of the most credible, and popular, is Razor.

The bikes they have come up with are a huge hit with both kids and adults and there aren’t too many top lists that don’t include one of these bikes.

Another two manufacturers who are building electric dirt bike for adults for people who are serious about riding are Alta Motors and Zero motorcycles.

However even with new players on the scene it still isn’t easy to find an electric dirt bike especially for adults at reasonable prices, simply because a lot of adults might still want the ‘traditional’ dirt bike that runs on fuel and not battery power.

But we foresee this changing with a huge increase in e-dirt bikes becoming available. We suggest you watch this space.

Alta Motors, as mentioned, has been producing some incredible electric motocross and dirt bikes over the last few years.

These aren’t the best ‘green’ options; they’re meant to be the fastest, most badass motocross and supermoto bikes on the market.

And then there is Zero Motorcycles who have recently released their electric bikes.

Impressively their new motor has 130% more power and about 150% more torque and they seem to have gotten the range to around 150 miles.

In their mission to become one of the top brands they have managed to reduce the charging time of their bikes as well.

Amongst all the electric dirt bike for adults there are differences in their performance and features and even across the same brands there are differences in the models.

Electric dirt bikes aren’t only good for the environment, they’re also low maintenance which means more time spent riding instead of washing and changing fuel, spark plugs etc.

yellow electric dirt bike for adults

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Dirt Bike For Adults


The Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross bike is called the ‘King of the Hill’ and for good reason.

It packs 650W of pure power with a 36V battery pack and a weight capacity of 220lbs, it isn’t a bike for kids; it is meant for riders 16 years and older.

The MX650 Dirt Rocket delivers excellent performance and has an authentic DB frame shape and super cross styling.

The high torque motor along with the knobby oversized tires, its dual suspension and maximum speed of 17 miles per hour makes this bike a popular choice with older kids and adults.

The 36V battery packs a serious punch and the throttle on the handlebars makes the twisting and handling of the bike simpler and more effective.

Like most dirt bikes the MX650 has front and rear brakes, which means it can stop quickly and safely, and the pneumatic tires together with dual and double crown fork suspension give it the nickname ‘king of the hill’.

The bike also rides easy on bumpy terrain.

What appeals to most adult riders is that the electric dirt bike has a top speed of 22 miles per hour and some added features and specs that other e-dirt bikes lack.


  • Electric moto x bike with 650-watt electric motor
  • Maximum speed up to 17 mph
  • Dual suspension for comfortable ride
  • Knobby tires; quiet variable-speed and chain-driven motor
  • Suitable for ages 16 and older with weight capacity of 220 pounds

kuberg electric dirt bike for adults

Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike For Adults


This is a personal favorite for us, not only from the design and styling but also the performance and workmanship.

The Kuberg Freerider has a double cradle steel tube frame and a 48V motor that can generate 8kW, giving the bike speeds up to 35 miles per hour, and that is pretty impressive no matter how you look at it.

The electric dirt bike for adults is powered by battery that can ride for an hour at full speed with a rider weighing in at 165lbs.

Recharging at regular intervals sees the bike fully charged within two and a half hours from a generator or 110V and 220V outlet.

There is also a quick charger available as an additional accessory. The manufacturers of the Freerider have put hardened 203mm brake discs on the front and back and this reduces the heat normal discs generate, ensuring longer disc life.

The bike’s suspension is a Manitou Dorado Expert FF (front fork) with 180mm of travel and a DNM Burner RB-RCP shock at the back that gives the bike, and rider, plenty of support across all kinds of terrain and jump sizes.

The bike’s seat height is 34.5”and the wheelbase is 48.5”which puts the bike out of reach of young riders or adults that are slightly shorter.

Even with all these features the Kuberg is an affordable option and a popular choice. A real advantage to an electric dirk bike is the noise levels, or lack thereof, which means neighbors won’t get annoyed and you’d be able to take it places traditional bikes aren’t allowed because of noise pollution.


  • 8,000-watt electric dirt bike for adults
  • Reaches a top speed of 34 mile per hour, with excellent torque and an hour’s riding time
  • A rugged 79lbs. Supports weight up to 220 lbs
  • Responsive hydraulic disc brakes
  • Notable long travel suspension
  • Manufactured in Europe with state of the art technology and excellent quality

Lastly, here’s a dirt bike that is not battery powered but has extremely low fuel consumption, it won’t cost you any more than an electric dirt bike to maintain this product.

apollo electric dirt bike for adults

Apollo Precision Tools Dirt Bike


The Apollo Precision 125cc Dirt Bike is made for adults, comfortably accommodating females with a height of 5’8 and six foot men.

Speed wise the bike gets to 56 miles per hour, give or take a few depending on your weight and size.

The Apollo has 8.2 horsepower and a manual clutch, which means it takes some skill and experience and is definitely not for kids just learning to ride.


  • Safety features standard
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Some assembly needed

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