Best Folding Electric Bike Reviews

We don’t get it but for some reason folding electric bike haven’t been as popular as they should be given their convenience.

In fact the area where we stay we have maybe seen four or five, that’s it. Personally we don’t understand this because we would buy one in a heartbeat.

They are however picking up in popularity with more and more people opting for them and it could be because as technology advances they get lighter and more convenient; and as gas prices increase and parking spaces become more limited, people are appreciating the value of a bike that folds up and stores away easily.

When comparing them to ordinary bikes, folding electric bikes put less strain on your joints, especially your knees, when you’re taking on long distances.

They are also perfect for someone who wants to get out the house and do some exercise but doesn’t have the fitness levels or the stamina for it to be a fun experience, and there are some who love the idea of riding, but don’t like the idea of actually having to pedal.

Also if you are a commuter who rides to point A, then jumps on a subway or bus, to get off at a stop and then ride a little further to point B the foldable ebike is the perfect solution.

A folding electric bike is what happens when you combine the best of two of the most clever developments in biking; electric power and a bike that folds up.

This in our opinion is the ultimate in bikes and the way of the future because it does exactly what you expect it to, and it offers a level of convenience that normal bikes just can’t.

You are considering getting one so what do you need to look for? Besides the obvious specs and features it is also important to check the bike’s balance.

As simple as it sounds some bikes have been designed in such a way that the motor is in an odd place and can cause problems with balance.

Ideally you want a motor that is closer to the bike’s center of gravity as this gives the bike better balance. You also want to make sure there is someone close by who can, if necessary, do a few quick repairs.

It goes without saying we are huge fans already and our Christmas list will include one of these babies. If you’re in the market for one we have included our top 3 below, looking at their features, the pros and cons.

There are quite a lot to choose from nowadays and what you go with will depend on your budget, your commuting needs and how often you plan to use it.

If you are commuting every day for long distances you’ll need to take into consideration the battery life whereas if you’re using it for a ride around the block on a weekend this won’t be the most important factor.

elegant folding electric bike

Prodeco V5 Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric Bike


The Prodeco V5 Phantom is a powerful folding electric bike with high-end torque. The 500W motor is connected in the back wheel and the direct driven alternator can drive it a maximum of 750W.

The bike is made from aircraft grade alloy and the tires with their 26” circumference navigates pavements in fast mode. It can, if it needs to, travel on muddy tracks.


  • 500W direct drive motor for excellent strength
  • Has X7 twist 8-speed shifter and a X7 8-speed mid derailleur
  • The suspension fork reduces shock


  • The folding electric bike has electronic throttle problems
  • There is some stuttering and strange surges after rainstorms
  • There are a few power problems; the sensor wires enter the hub motor through hollow axle
  • Rain gets through motor housing causing problems

red folding electric bike

Greenbike USA Electric Motor Power Bicycle Lithium Battery Folding Bike


If you’re after the finest innovation you’ve got it with the Greenbike folding electric bike. Created for comfort the bike is easy to use and has full suspension.

Although this is a norm on traditional bikes it’s not common on folding ones. Technically a hybrid, the frame is solid and durable aluminium and folds away conveniently.

The Greenbike also has Samsung cell LiFePO4 lithium ion batteries, which can run at 13 ah, which is pretty powerful.

When assisted by the pedals it reaches a range of 4o miles, 50 miles with every charge and with the twist throttle you’ll get 15 miles without any pedalling.


  • Battery is fast-charging, long-lasting. Reaches a distance of 50 miles for every charge
  • For a far-distance ride, there isn’t a bike more comfortable because of its suspension
  • Very well built
  • Features like the LCD display and USB output add to the riding experience


  • Rear Shock isn’t necessary
  • For a folding electric bike it’s quite heavy. Has features that make it heavier than other bikes


Enzo eBikes Electric Folding Aluminum Bicycle with Lithium-Ion Battery


If you’re looking for a lightweight bike that can fold away but is still durable then the Enzo eBike is exactly what you need.

It folds compactly enough to fit easily into the trunk of a car and the removable battery fits inside the frame giving you more room for extra accessories.

As a commuting bike or one that you spend riding on weekends you have full control using its throttle control or pedal, and one feature we particularly like is the aluminium frame that comes with a corrosion protective treatment and it’s all attached with titanium screws.

Everyone loves the Italian style wheels and it’s definitely something that sets the folding electric bike apart from others.


  • There is a LED seat post, which acts as a reflector
  • Very lightweight; made from a rust resistant aluminum
  • The folding electric bike has a power brake, and a power cut-off braking system


  • The bottom bracket on the bike is high and not ideal
  • Oddly the seat is uncomfortable due to its longer post
  • Loose items cause clicking even though everything is tight

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